Easy to learn, hard to Master. The true sport for everyone.

Floball is the perfect mix between tactics and technique. Ideated in Florence (Italy) in 2010, by Mirko Biasion, Floball is a 5-on-5 teamsport, born to evolve the best features of modern sports in an innovative and brand new mix, strongly focused on teamplay and a continuous, restless action. Its particular rules make Floball a complete sport: inclusive (everybody can play it, even both female and male players together, with no specific requirements), and exciting (challenging to be mastered at high levels). All Floball activities, its Official Rules, international promotion and official competitions are managed by Floball Italia (Italian Floball Committee), whose League hosts teams from all the major Amateur Sports Committees in Italy.

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Why you should join the Floball movement:

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Innovative and Exciting

Floball is true sports innovation. Floball is spectacularity, quick action, tactics and technique fused together: easy to learn, it gives the team and the manager several ways to play the game and bring their playing style on the pitch. Floball was developed to bring an exciting and engaging sport alternative on the sports panorama, with frequent counterattacks and a non-stop action. The quick actions in Floball call the players to use all their vision of the game and talent to get a goal. A new sport which has what it takes to step on the main scene in the next decades.

Passing precision and well-oiled team organization, aerial play, freestyle and vision are just some of the features making Floball the unpredictable mix that amazes fans and players, appreciated both by skilled Athletes and College Students , or even by just amateurs: Floball is non-stop action and movement, suspence, ambitious ball handling and passes, and 100% teamplay.

Floball is also a "big family" where to know new friends and exchange ideas, collaborate, and grow together as a sport movement.

Passion Unites.

Floball is the "Teamplay Revolution". Floball is designed to make sure no player plays the "Diva" part, and everyone has to bring his/her support to the team: the ball carrier can't play "alone", and hand the ball to his/her teammates (it's not a 'choice') and support his team; vice-versa, the rest of the team has to run and create space to aid the ball carrier to complete his/her action in any moment: a Floball-specific feature!

Furthermore, in Floball we believe that "being a team" means to grow together, and activate for shaping a better community: socializing, cohesion, unity of mind and enjoying time together: in Floball we have no 'foes': opponents are friends, on the field and outside, wherever in the world. Floball is respecting teammates, opponents, and officials, who are still part of the "family". Floball is also living and sharing sports and social life together after the match, with socialization and activities bringing together opponents to know each other and enjoy life together.

Floball is  the place where #passionunites.

The Sport Truly for Everyone. Always.

Floball really is the Sport for Everyone. It has easy-to-learn rules, and easy fundamentals (it's played only by hand). With no strong body contact, it's playable by both young and adult people, and even children. Floball can also be played, with some adaptations, by people with handicap. Inspired to olympic and inclusion principles of Sport, Floball is strongly focused on SOCIAL integration, fighting racism and discrimination. Floball inclusivity is also represented by a really easy and nearly costless setup of the playing court, that makes it a good choice to expand or launch sports activities, also in economically depressed areas of the cities.

#SimplyFloball: the true sport for Everyone.

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Official Floball Rules

The Official Floball Rules set: get ready to play with the official documentation by Floball Italia (Italian Floball Committee).

Italian National League

The "National Tournament" nominates the new Italian Champions every year: discover the formula, matches, protagonists, and all the statistics of the game. (Italian language)


Official Teams

Discover all Official Teams of the Italian National Floball League. Find your team, to support with all your heart and/or play for. (Italian Language)


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Floball at a glance

Floball is played with a leather ball (similar to volley ball), and all passes and actions must be performed by hands only.
The objective is to score more points than the opponent, across the four 10-minutes-quarters the match is divided into.
A point is scored when completing a "Goal": to score, a player of the team has tobring or catch the ball inside the Goal Zone (with a "certain ball possess"), with the ball completely inside of it, and the player touching just the Goal Zone with a useful part of his/her body.

A Goal can be scored with an "Alley Oop" (aerial catch of the pass), or eventually with the ball bearer directly jumping into the Goal Zone; if the player loses the ball while performing the action, or if he/she was inside the Goal Zone before of it, then it's a "no-goal".
The ball bearer can't move, except of rotating on the "pivot foot", while the rest of the team is free to move on the court; everytime a player catches the ball, a 3-seconds pass-clock is called;
Every passed ball can cross almost 2 of the internal lines of the court (not counting sidelines), otherwise the Offside is called.
Strong contact is not allowed: only passive defense is permitted, together with the possibility to "steal" the opponent's ball without touching his/her body.

Floball Italia
Quick & Exciting:

Every gameplay action lasts around 20 seconds, with frequent counterattacks; gameplay is dynamic and engaging for all players. Every Floball player can be protagonist: no one is left alone.

Floball Italia

The multitude of possible plays and the gameplay quickness stimulate the players to cross their limits and try spectacular plays like hard passes, aerial play and interceptions, creative play, always to support their team.

Floball Italia
Easy and Intuitive fundamentals:

The game can be learnt in just 5 to 10 minutes by unexperienced players, making it a good option for sports teachers and amateur teams; anyways, in top categories is really challenging to be mastered.

Floball Italia
100% teamplay:

No "Divas" Allowed! Every player can find his/her perfect place to give the highest support to his/her team. A moltitude of combinations and possible role interpretations can be played.

Floball Italia
Easy Setup, immediate play:

The dimensions and lines of the playing court are designed to be ready-to-play in every gym equipped for team sports (eg: volleyball courts in schools). Where an equipped gym is not available, a Floball Court can be prepared in just 5 minutes with nearly zero costs.

Floball Italia
Based on friendship and collaboration:

Playing Floball, you can truly breathe respect, friendship, and harmony between people. We base our activites and movement on collaboration, with strong fairplay during matches and cultural exchange after the matches (see the Floball Manifesto [ITA]). When you play Floball, you always feel surrounded by friends that will support you and challenge you to grow stronger and better your skills!

Now that you learnt the basics, JOIN US!

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